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Vivitrol use in drug addiction recovery

Are You Considering Taking Vivitrol? What You Need to Know

There are various ways in which alcohol addiction is treated and one of them is the use of Vivitrol. This is a drug used in treating drug and alcohol...
Teen Drug Abuse

Top Facts You Need to Know About Teen Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse is a problem because it leads to poor academic performance, chronic illness such as heart attack, cancer or blood pressure, school dropout, and in extreme cases...
Drug rehab

Comprehensive Guide on Drug Rehab and what you Need to Know

Drug rehabilitation or in short drug rehab is a special facility set up with a set of programs and with medical professionals responsible for helping people struggling with addiction...
Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Unique Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

The signs and symptoms of drug abuse vary from one person to another. They also vary depending on age. In this blog, I will narrow down to the most...
eating disorder | Rise Recovery

Everything you Need to Know About Eating Disorder

Anytime you hear that someone has an eating disorder, you may be quick to associate it with just-food. However, having an eating disorder is more than just food, it...
Overcoming Drug addiction

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction is no easy feat. Unfortunately, many people think they can quit any time they want. On the contrary, addiction affects your brain chemistry, altering your body’s...
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