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Individuals who are addicted to excessive use of drugs or alcohol over a period of time tend to experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using them and they require medical stabilization to get them out of their system.

In some scenarios, withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that someone can die during the recovery period. This is why Rise recovery has introduced a state of art medical facility to take care of patients that are seeking to restore their true selves through detoxification.

Our in-patient facility is highly recommended for anyone who is working on getting rid of excessive drug use in their body. The reason why this is recommended is that it allows you to be attended by professional personnel, both physically and psychologically.

Unlike any other Rehab center, Rise Recovery is a rehab center that is within a hospital. The unique feature about that is you will be able to be treated in case of any medical emergency that can lead to death if not attended to quickly, which often happens.

The detoxification process in our facility;

1. Evaluations of the patient

This is where the in-patient physical state and mental health is accessed through blood testing to establish the extent of the drug abuse and set the basis for the future treatment plan

2. Medical Stabilization

This is the second step where the patient care is established through medical and psychological therapy. The goal is to prevent withdrawal symptoms from harming the patient during the detoxification process.
It is about managing the side-effects of drug withdrawals.

3. Actual Treatment

This is the last stage where the doctor administers the treatment to the patients. The patient is first familiarized with the treatment and what to expect at the end. In-patient rehab offers the best results in terms of detoxification.

Getting over drug addictions takes weeks, if not a month, depending on the kind of drug that you were addicted to and this is where you need a team that can give the treatment you need after you leave the in-patient center, so that you don’t relapse into the same cycle again.

Our Services

Medical Stabilization

Drug detox is needed when an individual is unable to quit using or drinking on their own. Withdrawal symptoms generally appear when the body becomes accustomed to a substance over a long period of time. 

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Eating Disorder Medical Stabilization

We offer a hospital-based medical stabilization facility for those who are suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Eating disorders are regularly accompanied by severe, life-threatening medical complications


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Sober Surgery

Sober Surgery is a non-narcotic alternative. It is a pain-free option for those who do not want narcotics in their system when they undergo surgery.

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Naltrexone Implant & VIVITROL®

Naltrexone Implant & VIVITROL® is an opioid antagonist which blocks the effects of opioids and alcohol in the brain at a receptor level. This helps to curb abuse, prevent relapse, and sustain recovery from opioid addiction as well as alcoholism.

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Non-Narcotic Pain Management

Addictive pain medication should never be the first line of treatment for ongoing pain. Patients who have taken these medications in the past are surprised that they can get similar, or even greater, pain relief. 

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PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression

Many suffer from one or a combination of these issues for which we offer several unique and effective non-narcotic pathways. Our team of specialists stay at the forefront to adapt with new types of treatments to implement into our patient care. 
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Recovery Starts Here.

Our RISE team conducts interventions, helps guide patients through the recovery process, and works as a patient advocate to insure they are on the path to recovery.

Stabilize. Learn. Connect.

Beginning the path to recovery is hard and dangerous. That’s why we offer medically assisted stabilization. Our Physicians make sure our patients recover in the safest way possible with specialist to monitor their health every step of the way. Our Recovery Specialists educate our patients on the next steps to building a sustainable recovery. Once a patient is stabilized we connect them to the best community resources and specialist to prevent relapse.


Recover. Rebuild. RISE.

Rise is one of the only non-narcotic addiction recovery centers in the United States. Fill out the form below to find out how.


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Alumni Testimonials

“The staff at Rise made sure all my issues were taken care of so I could concentrate on taking care of myself. They have a team of doctors and certified staff that work on your underlining problems. Your voice is heard. I was also never asked about money. these guys really do care.”

Tom F.

Entering Rise detox, I had little faith in getting sober since I had already been through many detox centers. The attention and medical care I received at Rise made me realize that maybe I did have a chance at getting sober. My case manager worked with my family and I to get into residential treatment and now sober living. Today I am sober and still work with my case manager. My life is progressively getting better every day. Without Rise I am positive I’d still be in my addiction.

Adam V

I am so grateful for Rise playing a monumental role in my recovery. From the initial phone call, to my hospital stay, and the follow up, the entire staff have become family. I was welcomed with open arms without judgement. Im proud to say I am still sober and without the aid of Rise Recovery Services I would be lost.

Kimbra Q

Rise has been a lifesaving step in my recovery, detox is a very scary time in a person’s life when their addictions have taken over and they cannot quit on their own. When I went into Rises care I was terrified and unwilling to trust anyone. My case manager came to see me and treated me like a human being which helped break down my walls. All of my options were laid out clearly and in a way that did not seem overwhelming and unachievable. He worked with the treatment center and made sure my insurance covered it. While I was there, he continued to check up on me. Uon leaving residential treatment we talked about next steps and answered any questions I had about continued care in recovery. I am blessed to have found Rise Recovery services and without them still be trapped in my addiction with the feeling of hopelessness.

Lance P