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Drug rehab
Drug rehabilitation or in short drug rehab is a special facility set up with a set of programs and with medical professionals responsible for helping people struggling with addiction overcome. A rehabilitation center is a physical facility that accommodates addicts who desire to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Rehab center helps addicts overcome and lead...
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Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse
The signs and symptoms of drug abuse vary from one person to another. They also vary depending on age. In this blog, I will narrow down to the most common signs and symptoms of drug abuse. In general, the signs are in two main categories; Behavioural and Physical. Your ability to see and identify a...
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eating disorder | Rise Recovery
Anytime you hear that someone has an eating disorder, you may be quick to associate it with just-food. However, having an eating disorder is more than just food, it is more compound. It requires experts to change this condition which has physical, psychological and social effects. People with eating disorders tend to have food, body...
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Overcoming Drug addiction
Overcoming drug addiction is no easy feat. Unfortunately, many people think they can quit any time they want. On the contrary, addiction affects your brain chemistry, altering your body’s impulse control and judgment. Your reward system changes, triggering a craving or increased hunger, making it harder to resist the drugs. Despite these adverse effects, it...
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Drug and alcohol Detox center with specialized professions.
A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is often required to go through a detoxification process as a crucial step in their journey to recovery. Given that someone who is physically unwell struggles to confront any underlying mental health issues, the detoxification process plays a crucial part in enhancing the fight. It helps...
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